Conveyancing on Sale

Before putting a property for sale in the market, we strongly advise you to contact us to let us review and check you have all the paperwork in order.

Your property must be coordinated between Land Registry and Catastro in terms of size and boundaries, and all the information must be coincident with reality.

The steps for vendors are similar to those shown above for purchasers. In addition, we will help you with:

  • Organising the repatriation of the proceeds for the sale
  • Calculating, completing and submitting your capital gains tax. As well as help you claiming back the 3% tax when the vendors are non-resident, and a loss is made.
  • Attending your bank to close your bank account and transferring any balance left in the account.

Our Other Services


Here at Xerxes we can provide a tailored conveyancing service, whether you are buying or selling property in Spain we can help.

Law Services

From wills & inheritance through to NIE & residencias, our team can handle all of your legal needs.

Tax Services

Whether you are a resident of Spain or not, we are here to help and advise on your tax issues.


Our team of accountants and tax advisors will help you decide the best business structure to run your business, as well as take care of all bookkeeping, payroll and taxation.

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