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Drawing a Spanish Will is the best way to save problems to your heirs. Our team of lawyers and tax advisors will help you with the necessary Estate Planning to guarantee your assets are efficiently distributed in the most tax effective way. We will help you to sign your Spanish Will, whether you are in Spain or in your country of residence.

Why is it so important? Because, if you do not sign it, the inheritance process will be much longer, complicated, expensive, and, in the worst scenario, your family will need to start a proceeding. This means the Tax Office will require more official documents, your family will need more legal assistance to take care of these matters while they are suffering your loss.

In addition, there is a European regulation in this matter that increases the importance to sign this will. This is the UE Regulation 650/2012 which came into force on the 17th of August 2015, and this states that if you are living in Spain permanently, the Notary must include a clause in your will saying that you choose your national law as the applicable one to your inheritance process. Note that this regulation affects everybody, although you may have signed your will before this law.

What should I do if I have signed my Spanish will before this new Regulation?

You should check if you have chosen your national law in your will, if you can see this clause in the document you can relax, your will is completely effective in Spain.

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